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2016-07-04 03:10 pm

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Hi! I'm Alex! I'm a 17 year old nonbinary kid. I really like dragons and storytelling! 

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2017-07-24 05:20 pm


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"i guess the plaguebringer didn't want you. i wouldnt want you either"
Silvius hated being here. He hated how everyone stared at him. They would whisper, things, terrible things. arcane scum was one of many insults thrown his way. "accepting clan" they called themselves. no, the shade would be more accepting than this bunch of losers.
Silvius curled up in his little nest outside of camp. He founded this clan. They should respect him. Silvius watched a shape approach him. He let out a low growl, fins flaring up at the approaching dragon. "its just me, dont worry," it was just his mate, the other founder. She was a small mirror, ugly by todays standards. He loved her, though. She was his mate, his co-leader, his right hand man. She curled up in her nest beside him and rested a wing over him.
"Taika?" Silvius turned his head to look at the mirror, frills resting on his neck. Taika hummed in acknowledgement. "Why do they hate us?" Silvius adjusted himself to look up at Taika.
Taika shook her head, "I don't know, Sil, I don't know."
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2017-03-22 02:49 pm

Exalted Dragons: Spec


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Exalted Dragons: The Siblings


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Exalted Dragons: Lior & Yellow

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